iPill Cash leads its business guided by three basic rules: Honesty, Decency, Professionalism.

We are open to all webmasters regardless of gender, age, color, religion, and political views. The only thing we require from you is that you stick to these three rules.

iPill Cash reserves the right to suspend or completely terminate your account for non-compliance or violations of rules prohibiting:

  1. Use, distribution, and storage of any material contrary to law or infringing copyrights of third parties.
  2. Use of false or misleading information in promotion.
  3. Use of spam (mass e-mailing, mass messages posting, etc.)
  4. Fraud in all its manifestations.
  5. Unauthorized tampering and theft of traffic sources belonging to other affiliates working with iPill Cash.

iPill Cash reserves the right to terminate any affiliate relationship at any time and for any reason.